Travel Bot

Travel Bot is a 24x7 available AI-powered chatbot to help your customers with their pre-booking, booking, post-booking and other support questions. Option to seamlessly transition to a human travel expert to ensure great customer experience.

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Why Travel Bot?

  • 24×7 availability, mobile-friendly. Travel Bot provides a cost-effective, engaging and smart channel for your customers.

  • Engage with your global customers from booking to boarding and post travel; deliver the best customer experience in their discovery, search, booking, during travel and post travel lifecycle stages in the language of their choice.

  • Create more upsell and cross-sell opportunities during conversation and convert them.

How it works?

Customer signs up and sets up an account.

Travel Bot is configured uniquely for your business and integrates with your internal systems to provide personalized responses to your customers

You can select our in-built responses or customize them to match with your communication strategy.

Travel Bot can be integrated with our agent-side chat APIs to scale the number of travel experts to communicate with your customers

Engage your customers in self-serve planning for trips and
making new reservations.

Travel Bot captures travel needs of your customers and recommends travel options

Travel Bot provides contextual next steps to help customers finalize an itinerary while answering all booking related inquiries.

Customers select seats, add bags, etc. in the easy-to-use chat interface and make payment to complete the reservation.

Travel Bot saves the chat history including trip details and booking status. Customers can start the process where they left off.

Provide 24×7 post-booking assistance to your customers in
a cost-effective way.

Post booking API engages directly with your customers or through your CRM for any upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

All the post-booking questions and changes (fare rules, refund & change policy, covid restrictions, schedule changes, voluntary cancellations/changes etc.) are automatically shared with customers. For more urgent or one-off complex situations, the Travel bot seamlessly transitions the customer from the AI-chatbot to live agent travel support during work hours.

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