Travel Agent Platform

A flexible enterprise platform for your travel experts to improve productivity, customer experience, and revenue while reducing support costs. TAP helps manage travel complexity throughout the complete lifecycle of booking - from boarding to post travel

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Why Travel Agent Portal?

  • Flexibility to adjust your mark-up and change commissions based on the market

  • Intuitive and intelligent tools to manage overall customer experience including cancellations, itinerary amendments, disruptions, special service requests, etc.

  • Up-sell ancillaries like seats/bags/insurance/auto check-in and many more through easy-to-use tech

  • In-built support to engage with your customers over email & SMS for all communications

How it works?

Sign-up and set up your account.

Add any number of users or travel agents who would be using the portal. You can assign roles & permissions to them.

Customize the workflows as per your needs. For example, you can enable the feature to send OTP to customers for booking confirmation or cancellations, define mark-up thresholds, etc.

Start selling and serving your customers.

With easy to navigate UI screens, search for the best fares as per your customers’ requirements.

Add your mark-up without worrying about multiple charges on your customer’s credit card.

Cross-sell multiple ancillaries and increase your revenue. You can email itinerary details to customer to verify before confirming the booking.

Easily manage your bookings and have full control over
the post-booking customer experience.

Reporting dashboards for quickly assessing your business health and monitoring operational metrics.

Guided UI workflows to manage all post-booking complexities. For example, airline schedule changes and voluntary changes/cancellations can be easily handled by following on-screen steps.

API integrations for automation support.

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