Price Freeze

Create new revenue opportunities, increase conversion by preventing customers from shopping around, and continue to differentiate further in the market by offering competitive deals. Customers can lock in a low fare for a period to get more time to plan.

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Why Price Freeze?

  • Increase loyalty among cost conscious customer segments

  • Drive higher conversions by locking in customers to a price and prevent further shopping

  • Create a win-win situation by increasing revenue and customer delight

How it works?

Customer searches and selects an itinerary on your app

PF API call is made in the itinerary details page

Dynamic pricing is set for PF

PF is offered based on a series of intelligent decisions on specific routes, price trends, etc.

Customer is given an option to select Price Freeze

You generate additional revenue

Customer gets peace of mind with a locked-in price

Your CRM gets an update for relevant customer outreach

Within 48 hours of the price-freeze purchase, the customer comes back to the selected itinerary

Customer may search for price drops or continue to book the itinerary for the locked-in price

Customer behavior is recorded for future references (e.g., how often customers search for new fares)

Your CRM gets an update on relevant customer data to improve future outreach

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