Reduce revenue loss, operations cost and potential fraud with  an on-time representment before the due date and/or travel date. Chargeback platform is delivered as a service. It is customized with your reason codes, cost effective and scales with your business. We have a track record improving the recovery ratio through data-driven decisions and robotic process automation (RPA).

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Why Chargeback?

  • Highly flexible APIs or services that enable configurable workflows and customized user interface

  • Integration with industry-leading card processors and the ability to get all the relevant data to prepare evidence for the dispute letter

  • Intelligently prevent threshold breaches, higher fees, and keep your accounts in good standing with your card processors

Choice of 3 Service Models

Fully Automated Model:

Your analysts use our platform to reduce cost and improve revenue loss; the platform provides advanced templates, Robotic Procession Automation (RPAs), and alerts.

Hybrid Model:

Your analysts leverage our platform along with receiving root cause analysis and in-depth reviews by our chargeback experts. Ideal for new business or a business experiencing excess chargebacks (e.g., during 2020-21, the pandemic led to an explosion of chargeback requests)

Fully Outsourced Model:

Leverage our team of experts to accept/dispute all the chargebacks. Our trained analysts will handle the chargeback representment on your behalf, end-to-end.

How it works?

Your team onboards the platform with the model of your choice

Integrations enable receiving original sale transactions from a wide range of sources (e.g., GDS)

Card processor integrations are configured based on your account information

Chargeback team processes transactions after data flows are set up from the transaction system and the card processor

The resolution is updated immediately on the merchant acquirer for “accepted” customer disputes

For disputes, the dispute letters are prepared – based on chargeback reason codes and product type – with compelling evidence, reviewed, and submitted to your merchant acquirer. The resolution status is updated accordingly

The feedback – WON or LOST – is updated

Platform displays the decision as soon as it is available from the acquirer

Chargeback dashboard is updated with the required analytics - ROI, KPI adherence, insights, etc.

Your team has an option to access Collection emails.

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