Booking Engine

Improve customer loyalty and retention with a personalized booking experience under your brand. Flexibility to offer your contracted fares or deals, along with a seamless selection of content and ancillaries from our hundreds of airlines, hotels, and car rental partners.  

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Why Booking Engine?

  • Improve customer loyalty and retention through a personalized travel experience

  • Easy to use options on the overall travel booking experience

  • Become one of the top travel brands for your customers

How it works?

Customers search for itineraries and fares across multiple
OTAs and your booking engine

Highly flexible – branded and personalized booking

Contracted fares, customer data (e.g., reward points) are pulled from your system

Loyalty customers see the option of using their reward points

Customers navigate to details page and compare tickets
or packages across a multiple OTAs

AI-powered smart tools provide a full travel solution with air fares, ancillaries, etc.

Additional innovative travel products like, price freeze, cancel for any reason, etc. are offered to the customers

Your team learns customer behavior based on their product interactions

Customers realize that your brand offers a differentiated
offering that other OTAs do not provide.

Provide your customers with higher travel predictability and peace of mind through world class self-serve technology

Option to add support of trained travel agents through One Agent Portal

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